SOTA summits nearby moving APRS stations sending the Human-Person APRS symbol symbol around 2021-07-23 18:53 UTC

Reference Name
HB/SG-065 Benkner Büchel/ Oberwald (SOTA view)
W7O/CE-083 Hogback Mountain (SOTA view)
S5/BR-023 Trstelj (SOTA view)
EA2/BI-056 Serantes (SOTA view)
OE/OO-427 Michaelsberg (SOTA view)
W7A/AE-017 Elden Mountain (SOTA view)
DM/BW-016 Obereck (SOTA view)
OE/NO-181 Rudolfshöhe (SOTA view)
W7U/KA-027 Kimball Benchmark (SOTA view)
W0C/FR-085 Green Mountain (SOTA view)
HB/SO-015 Gempen/ Schartenflue (SOTA view)
EA1/OU-046 Fontefria (SOTA view)
SP/SS-005 Szczeliniec Wielki (SOTA view)
CU/FA-001 Cabeço Gordo (SOTA view)
W7O/WV-090 Cornell Mountain (SOTA view)
YU/IS-069 Kalafat (SOTA view)

Look at the APRSdirect "SOTA view"

SOTA2APRS is an experimental service that posts the SOTA activations (spots and alerts) and some summit locations to APRS-IS. Web based clients showing the positions on maps include APRSDirect, or agwtracker.

SOTA2APRS reports

  1. every activator "spotted" on SOTAwatch to APRS-IS with his current frequency as SOTA APRS symbol (or SOTA APRS symbol on some clients).
    • example: ON6ZQ 007.032MHz SOTA activation ON/ON-001
    • SOTA spots that contain the words "test" or "ignore" in their comment are not reported to APRS-IS.
    Activators who would prefer NOT to be listed on APRS when their activations are spotted on SOTAwatch are welcome to let me know -> mailto:info [snail] on6zq [period] be, and I'll make sure their callsign is added to the black-list.
  2. every announced activation ("alert") with the date and time of planned activation as SOTA APRS symbol (or SOTA APRS symbol on some clients)
    • example: ON/ON-001 SOTA activ. planned on YYYYMMDD HHMMz
  3. In addition to spots and alerts, SOTA2APRS also monitors in real time the stations that use the Human-Person APRS symbol symbol, and determines if they are in the vicinity of a SOTA summit and moving.
Only if so, a red X APRS symbol symbol is sent at the location of their nearest summit.
  • example: ON/ON-001 Summits On The Air -

This means that

  • any moving stations that use the Human-Person APRS symbol symbol will be shown with the SOTA summits nearby.
  • in particular, activators carrying an APRS tracker (or an APRS enabled transceiver, or a mobile phone running an application like APRSdroid) will be shown on the map with the location of the summit they are going to as red X APRS symbol.
APRSdirect "SOTA view"

SOTA2APRS is purely experimental, and is meant

  1. to make the SOTA related activities known to a larger public
  2. while helping
    • chasers to follow the activators progression
    • activators to be chased and assisted if necessary

It may be adapted or stopped without notice depending on the feed-back I receive.

Note: SOTA2APRS must not be confused with the gateway service APRS2SOTA provided by Stewart G0LGS, allowing users of the APRS network to post spots on the SOTAwatch system.

Here is a diagram describing the flows between SOTawatch, APRS2SOTA, SOTA2APRS and RBNhole.