SOTA summits nearby moving APRS stations sending the Human-Person APRS symbol symbol around 2020-03-31 16:02 UTC

Reference Name
HB/BE-110 Bantiger (SOTA view)
DL/BG-022 Kneifelspitze (SOTA view)
DL/BG-089 Braendelberg (SOTA view)
LA/NL-130 Junkerfjellet (SOTA view)
OE/TI-566 Buchensteinwand (SOTA view)
OK/ST-063 Hví?dinec (SOTA view)
S5/BI-071 Ostenik (?rebljev hrib) (SOTA view)
OE/KT-218 Falkenberg (SOTA view)
S5/BI-016 Kopitnik (SOTA view)
S5/BI-026 Gov?ko brdo (SOTA view)
S5/TK-027 Korada (SOTA view)
S5/BI-001 Kum (SOTA view)
S5/TK-043 Jelenk (SOTA view)
TI/CA-016 Cerros de la Carpintera (SOTA view)
HB/BE-111 Gurten (SOTA view)
W7N/CK-227 Lone Mountain (SOTA view)
DM/BM-334 Kesselleite (SOTA view)
HB/FR-036 Mont Vully/ Wistenlacher Berg (SOTA view)
W7O/CC-123 1523 (SOTA view)
HB/BE-123 Frienisberger/ Chutze (SOTA view)
W7O/WV-082 Camp Creek Ridge (SOTA view)
DM/NW-231 Wolfhardt (SOTA view)
W7O/CC-043 Spencer Butte (SOTA view)
S5/CP-028 Grmada (SOTA view)
F/MC-103 Monts du Lyonnais (SOTA view)

Look at the APRSdirect "SOTA view"

SOTA2APRS is an experimental service that posts the SOTA activations (spots and alerts) and some summit locations to APRS-IS. Web based clients showing the positions on maps include APRSDirect, or agwtracker.

SOTA2APRS reports

  1. every activator "spotted" on SOTAwatch to APRS-IS with his current frequency as SOTA APRS symbol (or SOTA APRS symbol on some clients).
    • example: ON6ZQ 007.032MHz SOTA activation ON/ON-001
    • SOTA spots that contain the words "test" or "ignore" in their comment are not reported to APRS-IS.
    Activators who would prefer NOT to be listed on APRS when their activations are spotted on SOTAwatch are welcome to let me know -> mailto:info [snail] on6zq [period] be, and I'll make sure their callsign is added to the black-list.
  2. every announced activation ("alert") with the date and time of planned activation as SOTA APRS symbol (or SOTA APRS symbol on some clients)
    • example: ON/ON-001 SOTA activ. planned on YYYYMMDD HHMMz
  3. In addition to spots and alerts, SOTA2APRS also monitors in real time the stations that use the Human-Person APRS symbol symbol, and determines if they are in the vicinity of a SOTA summit and moving.
Only if so, a red X APRS symbol symbol is sent at the location of their nearest summit.
  • example: ON/ON-001 Summits On The Air -

This means that

  • any moving stations that use the Human-Person APRS symbol symbol will be shown with the SOTA summits nearby.
  • in particular, activators carrying an APRS tracker (or an APRS enabled transceiver, or a mobile phone running an application like APRSdroid) will be shown on the map with the location of the summit they are going to as red X APRS symbol.
APRSdirect "SOTA view"

SOTA2APRS is purely experimental, and is meant

  1. to make the SOTA related activities known to a larger public
  2. while helping
    • chasers to follow the activators progression
    • activators to be chased and assisted if necessary

It may be adapted or stopped without notice depending on the feed-back I receive.

Note: SOTA2APRS must not be confused with the gateway service APRS2SOTA provided by Stewart G0LGS, allowing users of the APRS network to post spots on the SOTAwatch system.

Here is a mindmap describing the flows between SOTawatch, APRS2SOTA, SOTA2APRS and RBNhole.