Elecraft KX2 and KH1 tranceivers CW logs to Fast Log Entry (FLE) conversion

This converter takes a TX log as recorded by the Elecraft KX2 and KH1 tranceivers and converts it to the format used by Fast Log Entry (FLE) or FLEcli. See the FLE input file format for details.

This is experimental work in progress.
I do not own these transceivers so I cannot generate logs myself to validate or improve this tool.
The converter will search for "known" callsigns in the input log.
Please send logs, comments and suggestions for improvements to elecraft2fle [snail] on6zq [period] be

Background information

The idea is to take all benefit from the internal TX logging of the Elecraft KH1 and KX2 by removing the need to log anything manually.

The transceiver recorded log is what was sent by the user, not the decoded received messages. It has to be processed and converted, for example, to the SOTA .csv format, or ADIF.

Many SOTA activators already use Fast Log Entry (FLE) which aims to make logging very simple:

This FLE log

      mycall   ON6ZQ
      mysota   ON/ON-001
      1520 ON1AA
      22 ON2BB

will produce


The full FLE format is described here.

So the purpose of this online converter (ELECRAFT2FLE) is to take the recorded log of the KH1 / KX2 and to extract as much as possible (time, callsigns, band changes) to create a template of an FLE formatted log, which can then be edited as needed and processed by FLE.

The converter will try to validate callsigns against callsigns that are recorded in the SOTA database. For the calls not found there, it will display "callsign candidates" prefixed with a #, which is interpreted as a comment by FLE. The user can then remove the # if the call is actually correct.

As the transceiver clock may be incorrectly set during recording, the converter will accept the actual activation start time and will perform subsequent calculations, including date change if necessary.

To use the converter, you need first to setup the KH1 as described on pages 21 and 30 of the manual.

"To “dump” the log as text, send “LG;” to the KH1 using KH1 Utility’s Command Tester screen. The text can then be manually processed or copied/pasted into a third-party application for automatic extraction (not provided by Elecraft)."

On this page, remove the sample log in the "CW LOG" box and paste your own log you copied from the Elecraft Utility program.

Adjust the "Activation date", "Actual activation start time" and "Activator callsign" fields as required, and press the "submit" button. If the "Actual activation start time" field is left to its default value "0000", no time calculations are made.

After a few seconds, you will get the result, which you can use in FLE.

You edit it where needed and let FLE generate the SOTA .csv or ADIF for you.

Click on the SUBMIT button below to see how the sample log is converted!

  1. To “dump” the log as text, send “LG;” to the transceiver using the KX-2 or KH1 Utility’s Command Tester screen.
  2. Paste the log (ctrl-v or right-click, paste) in the CW LOG text box below
  3. click "Submit"

The result is shown lower on the page, and you can copy/paste it to FLE or to your text editor.


Activation date: Actual activation start time: Activator callsign:

Careful editing is required before using the result !.

You might want to see where the stations you contacted are located: Log2Map